G O V I B E R by Yuboto

GOVIBER Rich Viber Platform. Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Yuboto presents GOVIBER, the newest and most integrated platform combining Viber Campaigns and Fallback to SMS functionality. Best Price Guarantee offered!

Connect now with your customers on Viber, one of the most popular instant messaging applications with more than 900 million registered users all over the world.
Reach them instantly, efficiently and in real time, while they are on the go.
Raise your brand’s awareness by engaging creatively your audience and provide a unique and customized customer experience.


G O V I B E R is the new, groundbreaking channel of immediate and effective communication with your customers on Viber, the messenger app they chose and trust the most.

• Create and send Bulk or personalized mobile marketing campaigns.
• Increase the customers’ engagement and their loyalty by interacting with them.
• Make your brand Viber contact of each one client.
• Send rich content messages including:

1. Text up to 1.000 characters
2. Images
3. CTA Buttons redirecting to your site

Messages Redirection – Fallback to SMS
An innovative feature of the G O V I B E R service is the redirection of the not-delivered Viber messages of each campaign as SMS messages (fallback to SMS) to the intended recipients. This way, you can achieve maximum delivery rates in all your campaigns.
The Fallback to SMS feature is optional.

G O V I B E R – Limitless opportunities


Viber offers you limitless branding opportunities!

Create your very own, official Viber account.
Design your Viber logo and brand name, exactly as you wish.

G O V I B E R – Features

Set up now the Viber account of your business,
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Content and types of messages

Depending on your business needs, the Viber messages are divided in 4 main categories:

Personal, Informative, Transactional, Promotional Messages

Reporting – Security

G O V I B E R provides on time detailed reports for each campaign. See in full detail and with great analysis:

• How many messages were delivered
• How many messages were seen by their recipients
• How many and specifically which recipients made an action

Detailed Reports

User privacy and security is our main priority.

All messages you send are encrypted and can only be viewed on the client device.

SMS Vs Viber



Sender’s name

up to 11 Latin characters

up to 20 characters in any language

Text message

up to 160 Latin capital characters

up to 1000 characters in any language

Lowercase letters in the text

70 (unicode sms)


Send links

Send images

Send audio files

Send files

CTA button

Callback Service

Block option


1. Offer to your customers a unique and highly engaging experience.


2. Send targeted campaigns at a competitive cost with high efficiency.


3. Pay exclusively for the delivered messages of each campaign.


4. Communicate with your customers in a rich and interactive environment.

Text, Text + CTA Button, Image + CTA Button, Text + Image + CTA Button

5. Provide your customers exceptional and on time support through their favorite app.


Two Way Messaging

Initiate conversation with you customers!

Two Way messaging is the direct channel to communicate with your customers.

• The customers can reply to your Viber messages.
• Each customer is able to start a conversation with your brand.
• Receive inquiries from potential or unsatisfied customers.
• Improve the engagement, enhance your customer support. Start “talking” with your audience.


Public Accounts

Create a Viber Community for your Brand!

Public Accounts are channels for communication between Viber users and the brands/portals of their choice. With Public Accounts, enterprises have the capability to share news, updates and promote offers using the Viber instant messaging environment.


Users that follow Public Accounts of their interest receive all the latest news directly to their Viber account just like receiving a message from a contact.

The time has come for brands and consumers to really communicate by “chatting”, mobile marketing is now user friendly indeed!

Sticker Market

Increase your followers using unique, branded Viber stickers!

Sticker market is an exciting service making the most of the love that users show to Viber stickers.

Any brand can design its very own colorful stickers and provide them through Viber, so the interested users can add them to their collection. This way, you raise significantly the brand awareness, as your followers communicate and share with their friends your fun sticker collection.


Stickers are also a very efficient opt-in that give brands the opportunity of expanding their target audience and at the same time increase each brand’s exposure in Viber’s environment.

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